Lianne Milton


Lianne Milton is a documentary photographer based in Rio de Janeiro, working throughout South America since 2013. She is a member of the photo agency Panos Pictures. Her work focuses on the impacts of socioeconomic issues on people and their environments. Lianne is also an IWMF Fellow and a recipient of the inaugural 2015 Yves Rocher Foundation Photography Award for her photo essay on marginalized rural communities in Brazil's forgotten northeast semiarid region.

Lianne's freelance career began in 2009 with a project documenting the rise of Sharia law in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. From 2009-2012, she focused her work in Southeast Asia and Central America, exploring stories such as post-civil war recovery and urban conflict in Guatemala; drug addiction and detention centers in Cambodia; and the volcanic eruption of Mt. Merapi in Indonesia. In 2013, turned her focus to Brazil, where she continues to work. Lianne frequently publishes in M Le Monde, National Public Radio, Stat News, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and US News & World Report.

She holds a bachelor's degree in photojournalism from San Francisco State University. When Lianne is not photographing, you can find her surfing with her husband along the jungle coastline of Brazil.

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