Lauren Shepherd


Lauren Shepherd is part of the education team, working to engage students K-12 and post-secondary levels with global journalism, community awareness, and reporting skills. We bring journalists to campuses and classrooms throughout the U.S. who mentor and inspire students and educators through journalism workshops, photography field trips, professional development, and international reporting fellowships for college students.

In California, she worked as a freelance journalist, covering education, the arts, and local politics for outlets including the Orange County Register,, and the New University. Writing these articles has shaped the way Lauren relates to members of her community as well as farther reaches of the globe. She is passionate about illustrating the lives of educators, first-generation students, and communities indigenous to California.

Lauren graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a B.A. in Literary Journalism. Her previous experience has provided her a view into the role that narrative nonfiction might play in raising awareness about human rights issues.