Kunsang Choden


Born in a Himalayan village in Nepal, Kunsang feels a strong connection to the mountains and highland cultures. She likes what is raw and real, and believes that the highland cultures and environment need to be conserved now more than ever. She says, "We can be creative with our natural resources in a sustainable way. To make a sustainable culture a reality, we need to revisit, restructure, and revise our approach to nature, culture, policy, and economy. It starts with a dialogue. It starts with an idea, and it starts with implementing those ideas and resources strategically."

As a first-generation college student at Washington University in St. Louis (WashU), Kunsang is majoring in Anthropology: Global Health and Environment Studies, and she is minoring in Interdisciplinary Environmental Analysis. In the future, she is interested in working in projects that focus on environmental-economic development and rural agrarian livelihood.

At WashU, Kunsang is a PR Chair for Lambda Alpha, Anthropology Honor Society; a contributing member of the Ethnobotany Journal Club at the Missouri Botanical Garden; an independent research student in the Bison lab led by Dr. Natalie Mueller; and WashU Outing Club Trip Leader where she leads sunrise hikes on weekdays and road trips during school breaks.

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