Jonathan Turner


Jonathan Turner has been a professional journalist for nearly 34 years, and has played piano for 50 years. He has experience writing for daily newspapers for 32 years and has expertise across a wide range of subject areas, including government, politics, education, the arts, economic development, historic preservation, land use, business, and tourism.

Turner is extremely versatile, quick, and efficient writer and editor, whose experience includes almost five years working in corporate marketing for the health insurance subsidiary of John Deere, which provided health coverage to hundreds of employers in four states.

He loves writing about music and the arts, as well as a multitude of other topics including features on interesting people, places and organizations. He has a passion for accompanying musicals, singers, choirs and instrumentalists. He even wrote his own musical based on The Book of Job, which premiered in 2010. He wrote a 175-page history book about downtown Davenport, Iowa, which was published by The History Press in 2016.

Turner was honored in 2009 to be chosen among 24 arts journalists nationwide to take part in a 10-day fellowship offered by the National Endowment for the Arts in New York City, on classical music and opera, based at Columbia University's journalism school.