Jessie Graham


Jessie Graham is a radio and print journalist who covers international issues.
Most recently, she has reported for BBC/PRIs The World from Iraq, Sri Lanka, Guantanamo Bay, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Liberia, as well as throughout the United States.
In 2005, Jessie created a training program for Iraqi radio journalists at the Institute for War and Peace Reporting in Iraq. Before heading to Iraq, Jessie was a reporter at WNYC Radio and a staff writer at the New York Post.
She has contributed to National Public Radio programs including Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Day to Day. In 2003, Jessie reported from Uganda and Rwanda through the International Reporting Project.
Jessie has a B.A. in English and African-American Studies from Wesleyan University and a masters degree in Journalism from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

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