Jae Lee


Jae is the first medical student to be accepted at McDonnell Scholars Academy at Washington University School of Medicine. He has lived in 11 places on three continents, and this exposure has motivated him to solve problems in global health inequity. He is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and was selected as the 2015 Pulitzer Center student fellow to report on the healthcare system in Uganda. Jae connected to the Busoga region of Uganda through a malaria research project he created in 2015. He also consulted for the business plan of a maternal hospital in Uganda and devised or collaborated on original ground-breaking research in emergency medicine, gynecology, infectious diseases, immunization, and gastroenterology. He is a founder of an organization, Empower Through Health (ETH), which works to improve the healthcare of the most globally marginalized through direct medical care, capacity building, and research. He believes that all lives are equally valuable and that the current vast disparities in healthcare are morally reprehensible.

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