Hsiuwen Liu


Hsiuwen Liu is a journalist and photographer based in Hong Kong.

Her reporting focuses on geopolitical developments, human rights, and social justice within Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. She also explores gender, disinformation, and housing problems throughout the region.

She began her career as a feature reporter for Bloomberg Businessweek's Chinese edition. Among her stories were investigations into the world's crowd control weapons industry, the Hong Kong government's use of surveillance technology, and how long-term housing failures made the city's grassroot residents extra vulnerable in the coronavirus outbreak.

Her story about Hong Kong's housing problems won honorable mention from the Society of Publishers in Asia Awards for feature writing in 2019.

She now splits her time between Hong Kong and Taiwan. Apart from reporting and writing, she also works with multimedia storytelling.​ Her reporting has been published by the Bloomberg Businessweek Chinese edition, CBC, The Initium, and Stand News, among other outlets. She is also the co-author of the 2020 book AFTERSHOCK: Essays from Hong Kong.

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