Helena Carpio


Journalism Fund

Helena Carpio is head of innovation at Prodavinci. She is a Venezuelan multimedia journalist exploring the ever-changing relationship between society and the environment.

Her photos have been published in The Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Rolling Stone Mexico, Weekendavisen, Miami Herald, Clarín, El País, and others. In 2018 her immersive virtual reality experience, Frontera, was selected by the Biennale di Venezia for its third Biennale College Cinema VR edition, and her work as a video producer with ABC News has earned two News & Documentary Emmy nominations.

At Prodavinci, she has published investigative pieces about glacier retreat and invasive species, completed remote sensing data analysis on wildfires, produced podcasts about the economic crisis and VR 360 videos about lack of access to running water.

Carpio is keenly curious about leveraging emerging technologies to do better journalism. 

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