Frederick Bernas


Frederick Bernas is a British/American filmmaker and journalist who focuses on illuminating social or political issues through a cultural lens.

Five years of reporting across Latin America took him to prisons in Mexico, a Japanese colony in Bolivia, the vast favelas of Rio de Janeiro, and remote Andean communities. He even joined an expedition to Antarctica in 2017.

Previously based in Moscow and New York, his video and film work has appeared on media outlets such as the BBC, Al Jazeera English, CNN, Reuters, and NBC Left Field. His writing has been published by The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Guardian, Monocle, and VICE, among others. He co-founded Eye Rise Films in 2020.

In addition to the Pulitzer Center, Bernas has been supported by the Overseas Press Club, the International Reporting Project, and Agência Pública in Brazil.

He has a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University and is developing hybrid audiovisual projects that explore the concept of narrative fusion between film and music.

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