Elizabeth Salazar


Elizabeth Salazar is an investigative journalist specializing in reporting on gender, inequality, human rights, and corporate power, with extensive experience in data analysis, access to information, and cross-border projects.

She is a member of #CONNECTASHub and a collaborator on Mongabay Latam and other international media. 

Salazar has worked at Ojo Público and at the Investigative Unit of El Comercio. She received the Excellence in Journalism 2021 Award from the Inter American Press Association (IAPA-SIP), for exposing the impact of unpaid work on women; and the 2018 South American Journalism Award, from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), for her reporting on human trafficking. She was part of the Fondos de Papel project, nominated for the 2018 Gabo Award, and Dueños del Agua, nominated for the 2019 United Nations SDG Awards.

She is also a speaker and teacher on investigative journalism techniques and coverage of social issues.

Elizabeth Salazar headshot