Bradley Secker


Bradley Secker is a British freelance photojournalist based in Istanbul, Turkey. His personal work often focuses on themes of identity, migration, social and political actions, and the ramifications of those for individuals. Secker regularly covers stories about how identity and environmental factors shape lives in challenging and unexpected ways, particularly within sexual and ethnic minority groups.

He regularly covers feature stories, and portrait assignments in Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East, for a range of international newspapers, magazines, and online news media.

Secker's long-term project Kütmaan (started in 2010) tells the stories of LGBTI+ asylum seekers, refugees, and internally displaced people in and from the Middle East, who are forced to flee their countries and lives for reasons connected with their sexuality and/or gender identity.

Kütmaan led him to his long-form body of personal work called Gayropa—a visual documentation on queer migration to Europe, which was supported by the Pulitzer Center.

Secker has been based in Istanbul since early 2012, and is often on the road for work. He began his career freelancing across South/Central Asia 2005-2010.

Bradley Secker Headshot