Angèlica C. Ekeke


A Los Angeles native, Angèlica Ekeke completed her degree in photojournalism and women and gender studies at San Francisco State University. She uses her love for art, texture, beauty, and film to create graceful visual art. With this, she is metaphorically "reframing" subjects from those who are despised to those who are respected as pieces of highly valued art.

Her intent is that photographing subjects as such will captivate nontraditional viewers and compel them to listen to narratives that they would often overlook. She served as a filmmaker and photographer for the Museum of the African Diaspora in downtown San Francisco, where she produced films that chronicled the lives of people of African descent in the San Francisco Greater Bay Area.

She is currently pursuing a master's degree in documentary film at the University of California, Berkeley's School of Journalism. 

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