Adrienne Engono Epse Moussang


Journalism Fund
Congo Basin

Adrienne Engono Epse Moussang has worked as a journalist in Cameroon since 2002, following three years of studies at the Ecole supérieure des Sciences et Techniques de l'Information et de la Communication (Esstic) at the University of Yaoundé II.

She is responsible for the Health-Environment section at Mutations (, a daily newspaper based in Yaoundé, which covers science, health, climate change, forests, agriculture, and mining. 

In 2015, after attending a training course organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the WFSJ, Moussang became a trainer under the banner of the World Federation of Journalists.

She is a member of several networks of journalists in Africa and elsewhere, including the Association of Science Journalists and Communicators of Cameroon (SciLife). In this role, she has facilitated a mentoring program on "Forests and Climate Change in the Congo Basin," a year-long program of the International Centre for Forest Research (Cifor) in which senior journalists mentored young people on reporting on forests and climate change.

In addition, Moussang is a member of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ), the Network of Journalists for the Niger Basin Authority, the Landcam Network, and the Media Alliance on Climate Change in Africa (PAMACCAfrica). She is the chair of the Journalists' Network for the Maputo Action Plan (JNMAP). 

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