Indigenous Rights

A total of 370 million Indigenous people from more than 5,000 communities speak more than 4,000 languages in over 90 countries. The rights of Indigenous people worldwide continue to be threatened, often undermining their sovereignty, land and legal recognition, and political agency. The oppression faced by Indigenous communities has also quelled peaceful resistance against threats to their livelihood, including corporate interests, deforestation, and violence against Indigenous women.

These communities have suffered from generations of misrepresentation in the media. We are committed to supporting Indigenous journalists and journalists who approach stories about Indigenous communities with nuance, and we strive to investigate systemic challenges that directly affect them, such as the effects of climate change, health disparities, and language preservation.

Our reporting also seeks to highlight solutions and Indigenous resilience. A team of journalists from The Christian Science Monitor, for instance, centered Canada’s Indigenous Guardians, a Native-led conservation group, in the project The Climate Generation. We aim to support stories focusing on Indigenous joy, strength, innovation, and vibrant cultural identity.