The Pulitzer Center’s global health initiative supports vital reporting on systemic, interconnected health inequities around the world. 

We provide support for enterprise and underreported stories about COVID-19 inequities and other U.S. and global health system failures, in addition to reporting on solutions. Our journalist grantees cover systemic barriers to all sorts of care, including, but not limited to, COVID-19 vaccines and treatment. We are also interested in stories about misinformation and politicization that impede improved access to care and preparation for future health crises. 

Pulitzer Center investigations have unearthed information crucial to addressing pandemic prevention and response in China; vaccine access and trust across countries in Africa; rising maternal mortality in Brazil; and systemic problems related to the United States’ rural health crisis.  

These stories are providing valuable insight to help health workers prepare better, culturally-informed outreach in response to health crises. They’re also challenging governments to improve healthcare delivery systems that are leaving millions vulnerable to devastating illnesses.

We encourage all newsrooms and independent journalists in the United States and abroad to apply. This reporting initiative is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, as well as the Pulitzer Center's many individual donors and funders.