Our goal is to extend the impact of journalism, and mobilize different audiences to engage directly on climate, environmental and social justice issues, with educational and outreach programs across South America, Africa, and Asia.

​​For years, the Pulitzer Center model has incorporated reporting into comprehensive educational and outreach programs, with the goal of extending the impact of journalism and mobilizing different audiences to engage directly on important issues. We have now expanded this work globally, launching new educational and outreach programs in South America, Africa, and Asia in 2022.

Inspired by the work of the Rainforest Journalism Fund (RJF) and of the Rainforest Investigations Network (RIN) journalists and Fellows, we are connecting teachers, students, youth, influencers, and professionals with the underreported issue of rainforests and global deforestation. Our purpose is to increase quality discussion and cultivate more engaged and informed individuals and organized civil society groups who can build public awareness of the importance of rainforests and the drivers of deforestation and hold those in power to account.

The International Education and Outreach Program brings together specialists from across the globe. By connecting teachers, students, youth, influencers, journalists, and professionals, we work to foster engagement and create more powerful narratives on rainforest and climate issues.

Intertwining journalism, education, and outreach in different and crucial climate hotspots in the world, starting with the world’s largest tropical rainforest regions we hope to be part of a greater and unstoppable multi-stakeholder movement that directly engages in improving policies, market campaigns, and other accountability mechanisms, exposing harmful practices and holding those in power to account.

In the Amazon, we are developing a module course in partnership with 5 Brazilian Amazon public universities to discuss the environmental crisis and promote civic engagement. In Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador, we have put in place the “Amazonia Lab,” a digital platform bringing people together to learn about and act on Amazon rainforest deforestation.

In the Congo Basin, we are piloting the “Congo Basin Teacher’s Hub” to support teachers and students in their learning and engagement in favor of the protection of Congo Basin rainforests, and the “Congo Basin Talk with Young Professionals” platform to discuss the added value that the forest can represent in the wellbeing of DRC youth.

In the Southeast Asia region, we launched the “SEA Journalist-Scientist Rainforest Forum,” a hub to foster dialogue between Indonesian scientists and journalists to address pressing rainforest and climate issues. In Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar, we are working with influencers and artists in bringing rainforest reporting to life through multiple formats of artistic storytelling, in “The Mekong #ShowMeYourTree Initiative”.



Interested in learning more? Reach out to [email protected] or to specific members of the team:

Intan Febriani, International Education and Outreach Director | [email protected]

Maria Darrigo, Amazon Education Coordinator | [email protected]
Eric Selemani, Congo Basin Education Coordinator | [email protected]
Grenti Paramitha, SEA Education Coordinator | [email protected]

Jonatan Rodríguez, Amazon Outreach Coordinator | [email protected]
Afy Malungu, Congo Basin Outreach Coordinator | [email protected]
Vijitra Duangdee, SEA Outreach Coordinator | [email protected]