Tarnished: The True Cost of Gold

On Feb. 14, the Pulitzer Center releases its newest e-book on the environmental and human prices of gold mining. Whether this resource is produced in a way that is fair to all is very much up to us.

Panama: The Priest in the Protest

When protests broke out near the Ngäbe-Buglé semi-autonomous region in 2012, American missionary priest Joe Fitzgerald was forced to assume a role that indigenous people could not.

Panama: Dam Promises or Dam Lies?

Government officials say the construction of a hydroelectric dam in western Panama is necessary to address a national electricity emergency, but local residents say they won’t benefit.

Panama: No to Open Pit Mining

The Ngobe, an indigenous people in Panama, are struggling to keep their land out of the hands of Canadian mining interests.

Panama: The New Conquistadors Trailer

Precious metals and the rainforest are at stake in a battle between Canadian mining companies and local communities in Panama, a struggle that conjures up images of the Spanish Conquistadors.