Lesson Plan February 17, 2016

How Countries Deal with HIV/AIDS



Questions for "Meet the Journalists: Ana P. Santos & Veejay Villafranca"

  1. Where did Ana and Veejay visit while reporting on HIV in the Philippines?
  2. What is the biggest barrier regarding HIV/AIDS?
  3. What does Veejay hope that their reporting will do?

Questions for "A Catholic Monk in the Philippines Defies his Church to Help People with HIV"

  1. What are two things Brother Paul keeps in his bag?
  2. What percent of Filipinos with HIV were first infected within the past five years?
  3. Is it difficult for Brother Paul not to judge people?

Questions for "Philippines: HIV Cases Could Reach 133,000 by 2022"

  1. How many cities have hit the 5 percent mark?
  2. What percentage of PWID males are receiving ARV treatments?
  3. The HIV and AIDS prevention law prohibits minors from doing what without parental consent?

Questions for "Ending AIDS, Ending Confusion"

  1. What are ARVs?
  2. Why is Jessica not eligible to receive ARVs?
  3. Globally, how many people currently have access to ARVs?

Questions for "Mexico: No End in Sight"

  1. How long did Pedro Robles last after being taken to Las Memorias?
  2. In 2014, what was the estimated amount of people who had HIV in Mexico?
  3. What are three problems with CAPASITS?

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Health Inequities

Health Inequities