Questions for "Ethiopia: The Billionaire's Farm"

  1. What is the ‘Global Land Rush’ and what led to it?
  2. What is Saudi Star and what is its role in Ethiopia?
  3. What barriers has Saudi Star faced?
  4. What is Mr. Abera’s role on the farm?
  5. What does the author mean by the phrase, “But land is like the lion that prowls near Saudi Star’s farm: hard to tame?” Why do you think the author uses this language?
  6. What role does farming play in the lives of Ethiopian people?
  7. What is the structure of Ethiopia’s government? How does the government feel about land investment?
  8. How many foreign investors have leased Ethiopia’s land?
  9. How have the growing number of farms impacted the people in Ethiopia?
  10. Who is Mr. Okello? How does he feel about the growing number of farms?
  11. Who was forced to leave Gambella and why?

Questions for "Myanmar: The Dispossessed"

  1. What does the author mean by “China’s west coast?”
  2. What companies are starting industries in Myanmar? Why?
  3. How much of Myanmar’s population depends on agriculture?
  4. Why are some companies wary of opening businesses in Myanmar?
  5. What is the structure of the government in Myanmar?
  6. What resources does Myanmar have that are of interest to international companies?
  7. What is special about Kyaukphyu’s location?
  8. What is the South East Asia Gas Pipeline Company and what is its role in Myanmar?
  9. How has the company impacted Ms Hla Ohn May?
  10. What was the process that led to landowners selling their land?
  11. What does the author mean when he writes, “ Some of the causes of Myanmar’s land battles lie very deep. Everyone and no one has responsibility for regulating them.”

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Land Rights

Land Rights