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Pulitzer Center Update November 29, 2022

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Across the globe, Pulitzer Center journalism is pointing to systemic, interconnected issues and creating real change. 

Last week, the U.S. announced that it would block all imports of raw sugar from a top Dominican producer after a Pulitzer Center-supported investigation found evidence of forced labor at a sprawling Caribbean plantation. The company, Central Romana Corp., has close ties to wealthy businessmen and influential forces in U.S. politics, and sells sugar that reaches the global supply chain under the Domino and Hershey brands.

The two-year investigation by Reveal and Mother Jones sparked follow-up reports in outlets like The Intercept, along with mounting criticism of the Dominican sugar industry from lawmakers. The latest decision showcases the power of nonprofit journalism, and the Pulitzer Center model at work.

We empower a global community of journalists and media outlets to deepen engagement with critical underreported issues, bridge divides, and spur change.

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Our recent impact also includes:

  • A collaboration of data scientists, freelancers, and outlets in Brazil, Venezuela, the U.S., and Spain resulted in the first-ever mapping of thousands of illegal airstrips and mining sites that fuel industrial-scale deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. The Brazilian government has fielded criticism and international attention, with findings cited by activists, scientists, elected officials, influencers, and media.
  • After an investigation revealed that 37 universities across the U.S. are using the AI tool Social Sentinel to monitor student protest activity, an inquiry was launched by a state legislator into North Carolina colleges’ use of the tool. One university has dropped its contract with Social Sentinel, and 11 campuses have begun looking into their schools’ use of the technology.

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