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Pulitzer Center Update May 10, 2021

Victoria’s Foil, Film by Columbia Journalism School Reporting Fellow Alumni, Airs on PBS

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Behind the scenes while filming "Victoria's Foil." Image courtesy of Brett Forrest and Brian Ryu. United States, 2020.

Victoria Isaacson, a 22-year-old wheelchair fencer, is trying to qualify for the Paralympics while...

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An image of Victoria.
When 22-year old Victoria Isaacson discovered she had a degenerative disease, she turned her love of fencing into an all-out effort to become a Paralympic athlete, competing in a wheelchair. Now that a worldwide pandemic threatens her dream of making Team USA, Isaacson is once again coming up with a new plan to shape a future much different from the one she planned. Image courtesy of Brett Forrest and Brian Ryu. United States, 2020.

The short documentary Victoria’s Foil, created by 2020 Columbia University Reporting Fellows Brett Forrest and Brian Ryu, premiered on the PBS-affiliate station Connecticut Public Television May 2, 2021. 

Victoria’s Foil follows 22-year-old Victoria Isaacson, a Paralympic fencer, as she trains day in and day out to achieve her dreams while working a full-time job at a horse ranch to sustain the increasing burden of debt that comes with Olympic aspirations. All of this comes to a crashing halt when the COVID-19 pandemic causes the cancellation of her final wheelchair fencing qualifiers.

The film will be shown again on Saturday, May 8, at 11am EDT and Monday, May 10, at 10pm EDT. More information about future showings on Connecticut Public Television can be found here.