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Pulitzer Center Update April 23, 2021

Pulitzer Center-Supported Project 'Rising Waters' Wins Scripps Howard Award

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Forget climate change. The real story is climate speed. From rain bombs to higher seas, the...

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Two men stand outside a store by a stop sign with floodwaters reaching past their ankles. One man is wearing a red t-shirt, white shorts, and knee-high rubber boots. The other man is wearing a white t-shirt and pants.
People walk out of President Market during flooding on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, in Charleston. The market is just across from the Gadsden Green public housing complex. Image by Andrew Whitaker / The Post and Courier. United States, 2020.

The Post and Courier won the 2020 Scripps Howard Award for excellence in environmental reporting for Rising Waters, a Pulitzer Center-supported project that focuses on the increasing frequency of flooding in the Charleston area and highlights the need for substantive action. 

“This compelling reporting shakes complacency and kindles a sense of urgency about the need for preparedness and mitigation before it’s too late,” judges said.

Grantees Tony Bartelme, Glenn Smith, Rickey Ciapha Dennis Jr., Chloe Johnson, and Stephen Hobbs broke news about extreme weather events and produced in-depth investigations on such issues as the health hazards posed by contaminated floodwaters and the disproportionate impact of climate change on Charleston’s communities of color

“The historic events of 2020 shined a light on the importance of a free and independent press to American democracy,” Scripps Howard Foundation President and CEO Liz Carter said. “The journalism we honor with this year’s Scripps Howard Awards broke down complicated issues through top-notch reporting and exceptional storytelling, providing the clarity we needed to better understand the world around us.” 

Scripps Howard Award winners were chosen from a pool of nearly 900 entries. Click here to see the full list of winners, and click here to watch the award show, which was live-streamed on April 21.


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