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Pulitzer Center Update September 30, 2021

Pulitzer Center Grantees Win Emmy for Project on Femicide in Mexico


When they first arrived in Tijuana in the winter, they didn’t have jobs, and Daysi and Jimmy slept in parks and on floors and begged for money. Recently, Daysi made the heartbreaking decision to send Jimmy to live with relatives and attend school near Washington, D.C. She hopes they'll be reunited one day. Image by Erika Schultz. Mexico, 2019.

Life after deportation: The Seattle Times explores how families—including those with American...

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Grantees Corinne Chin and Erika Schultz’s Pulitzer Center-supported coverage on femicide along the U.S.-Mexico border took home an Emmy on Tuesday night at the 42nd News and Documentary Emmy Awards. Their interactive story, “Disappearing Daughters,” for The Seattle Times, won in the “Outstanding Interactive Media: Arts, Lifestyle and Culture” category.

In an expansive multimedia experience using photographs, videos, audio, and poems, Chin and Schultz weave readers through a story of pain and loss experienced by mothers who lost daughters to femicide in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Femicide and gender-based violence is a growing issue in Mexico and around the world. This project explored the growing movement to combat it and to also give space and a voice to grieving mothers.

“Disappearing Daughters” was part of the larger Pulitzer Center-supported project Beyond the Border, which follows the experiences of families and individuals who have been deported from the United States to Mexico. The stories follow the adjustment in Mexico and the lost and maintained ties many still have to the United States. The project was also recognized in the Best of the West contest and the regional Emmys.


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Bringing Stories Home

Bringing Stories Home


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Gender Equality

Gender Equality
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Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees