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Pulitzer Center Update June 16, 2016

News Bites and Lesson Plan of the Week: Afghanistan by Choice


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Many Afghans are grappling with the decision to leave or stay in Afghanistan right now. Their choice...

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Dr. Wahid Qaderi holds his daughter in his home in Kabul, Afghanistan. His wife, mother, mother-in-law and five children recently crossed by boat from Turkey to Greece, while he stayed behind to try and sell their home. Image by Alexandria Bombach. Afghanistan, 2016.

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Dear Educators,

Congratulations to all of you who are finishing your last weeks of school. Thank you so much for all that you have done this year for your students!

This summer, we will continue to provide you with lesson plans connected to the latest international reporting. We are also excited to continue supporting programming with several schools and community organizations this summer. Interested in engaging Pulitzer Center journalists and resources in your summer program or curriculum planning? Please reach out to us at [email protected]!

Here are this week's featured lesson plans and education news:

News Bite Lesson: Afghanistan by Choice

This week's News Bite lesson plan outlines reflection and discussion exercises connected to Alexandria Bombach's film "Afghanistan by Choice." This stunning short film follows five people deciding whether or not they should leave Afghanistan due to growing conflict and violence. In addition to using writing and discussion to reflect on the experiences of the film's subjects, students will also analyze how Bombach structures her film to balance differing opinions about whether or not the subjects should leave Afghanistan.

Featured Lesson: Ukraine's Internally Displaced

This week's featured lesson plan asks students to analyze three resources from the project "Ukraine's Internally Displaced, Two Years On" by journalists Misha Friedman and Julia Barton. Through writing, text analysis and discussion, students then evaluate what they think Ukraine's responsibility should be to supporting internally displaced people in the country who are living with HIV. This featured lesson plan was written by Pulitzer Center interns Elana Dure and Seiler Smith. Check out the community page on the Lesson Builder to find more lessons from this fantastic team!

Education News: Photography Exhibition This Week with Fifth Graders from Washington Yu Ying PCS in Washington DC

On Friday, June 17, fifth grade students from Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School in Washington, DC will present photographs and final reports from the "Walk Like a Journalist" workshop they participated in earlier this spring. The exhibition will be at the Pulitzer Center at 6PM.

The workshop was inspired by Paul Salopek's Out of Eden Walk, a reporting project launched in early 2013 during which Salopek aims to walk the same 21,000 mile path that modern humans took from Africa to South America over the course of roughly 50,000 years.

Students started by exploring photographs, interviews and video from Salopek's project to analyze what a "slow approach" to journalism can reveal about the world. Next, they met with photojournalist Allison Shelley at Pulitzer Center's office to learn reporting and photography skills that they then applied to a reporting assignment in Dupont Circle. On the final day of the workshop, students reflected on their experience reporting in Dupont Circle and practiced writing captions. Later they conducted an Out of Eden Walk-inspired reporting project in their school and wrote short reports that captured their observations.

On Friday, students will present an exhibition of photos and reports that they created as part of the workshop process.

Interested in bringing a similar reporting project to your school? Contact [email protected] .

Featured Project of the Week: "Afghanistan by Choice" by Alexandria Bombach

Click here to learn more about Alexandria Bombach's reporting on Afghans who are deciding whether to stay in Afghanistan, leave on a special visa, or leave illegally.

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