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Pulitzer Center Update January 26, 2017

Ebola Documentary Nominated for Germany's Grimme Award


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A documentary by Carl Gierstorfer follows one community’s fight for survival against Ebola through...

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Image by Carl Gierstorfer. Bong County, Liberia, Winter 2014/2015.

We Want You to Live - Liberia's Fight Against Ebola, a documentary directed by Pulitzer Center grantee Carl Gierstorfer, has been nominated for the 2017 Grimme Award, Germany's most-respected television award honoring journalism and storytelling.

The documentary examines one community's fight for survival against Ebola through the eyes of Liberians working on the front lines to bring the outbreak to an end. The film follows four characters over the course of three months as they struggle to defeat the disease, fully aware that despite their best efforts successful treatment is often a numbers game.

We Want You to Live was produced by DOCDAYS Productions in co-production with Al Jazeera America and SWR in collaboration with ARTE with support from the Pulitzer Center.

The Grimme Award is named for Adolf Grimme, the founding director of German broadcaster NWDR. Germany's Kino magazine referred to it as "the German TV Oscar." The full list of nominees is available in German on the Grimme Award website.


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