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Pulitzer Center Update May 13, 2021

Climate Change Project Supported by Pulitzer Center Wins National Award


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The Zandmotor, or Sand Motor, is popular among kitesurfers as well as traditional surfers. Image by Chris Granger. Netherlands, 2019.

The Netherlands has long battled back the sea, but climate change is forcing the lowland nation to...

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Pulitzer Center grantees Tristan Baurick, Tegan Wendland, and Chris Granger were awarded the National Headliner Award by the Press Club of Atlantic City for their project Water Ways (Living with Water). 

Their series followed The Times-Picayune|The Advocate, WWNO-FM, and Climate Central as they traveled to the Netherlands to produce a multimedia series on the innovative ways that the Netherlands is coping with climate change and how its methods might be applied in other coastal areas.

Some examples of solutions reported in the series are the “room for the river” blueprint, which allows rivers to overtop their banks and spill into public plazas and new flood plains; a program in Rotterdam to build hundreds of rainfall- and heat-absorbing “green roofs;” and the Zandmotor, which uses the tides to push piles of sand onto beaches and protect them from erosion.

In a comment about the series, judges said: “These well-told and well-researched stories help readers see the kinds of efforts and thinking it will take to protect our increasingly vulnerable coastlines.”

The National Headliner Awards is one of the U.S.’ longest-running journalism honors. The awards were founded in 1934.

View the full list of this year's winners here.


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