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Pulitzer Center Update June 6, 2018

Campus Consortium Partners Profile Student Fellows

Student fellows (from top, left to right): Argentina Maria-Vanderhorst, Svanika Balasubramanian, Nicole Brigstock, and Arianne Henry (at bottom). Images Courtesy of student fellows. Not pictured: Abigail Bekele. United States, 2018.
Student fellows (from top, left to right): Argentina Maria-Vanderhorst, Svanika Balasubramanian, Nicole Brigstock, and Arianne Henry (at bottom). Not pictured: Abigail Bekele. Images courtesy of student fellows. United States, 2018.

After the Pulitzer Center's announcement of their 2018 student fellows, Campus Consortium members Boston University, University of Pennsylvania, Guilford College and Guttman Community College wrote profiles on their chosen students. 

From Boston University's School of Public Health, Arianne Henry's Q&A session focused on the intersections of her personal life and her passion for reporting on human trafficking amongst women and the subsequential mental health difficulties they face upon returning to Ethiopia. 

"There’s a feminist movement developing right now in Ethiopia, and I’d be looking at how they’re trying to change gender norms, and what’s happening for these women," Henry said to BU. 

Two student fellows at University of Pennsylvania were selected: Svanika Balasubramanian with Penn’s Middle East Center and Nicole Brigstock with the South Asia Center. Balasubramanian will focus on Indian workers in Oman and the United Arab Emirates who were told they would have a high-paying jobs but cannot achieve financial stability under the Middle Eastern system. Balasubramanian will publish her article through the Pulitzer Center, as well as a podcast series. 

Brigstock will be working with Samrakshak Samuha Nepal, a nonprofit that raises awareness for human trafficking and helps survivors. Brigstock will be connecting with survivors who seek assistance from the nonprofit, exploring the intricacies that lie beneath common knowledge of trafficking. Like Balasubramanian, Brigstock will be completing an article, but she will also create a video centered around survivors' lives after being trafficked. 

From Guilford College, rising senior Abigail Bekele will report on adoption practices in Ethiopia, where a new law banning intercountry adoption was passed earlier this year. This fellowship is one of many accolades Bekele has received this year: the Mark of Excellence award from the Society of Professional Journalists and awards from the N.C. College Media Association. 

Argentina Maria-Vanderhorst is Guttman Community College's first Pulitzer Center student fellow. Her project about family planning in China was published on May 15. 

"As many can argue that a state-mandated one-child policy–and, now the second-child policy—is a violation of human rights, as a result many women in China have become empowered through living under these policies," wrote Maria-Vanderhorst in her article. 

These students are four out of 43 student fellows the Pulitzer Center awards with grants to report on international issues. All students are from schools who are partners with the Pulitzer Center through its Campus Consortium program.

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