Stella and Charles Guttman Community College is an urban public institution offering associate degree programs in an environment that nurtures student success. Opening in 2012, Guttman became the first new community college at City University of New York in 40 years and has been designed with student success at the heart of its mission. 

Founded in the CUNY tradition of access to excellence, Guttman Community College integrates excellence in teaching, proactive and responsive student supports and external partnerships. Its distinct first-year program uses New York City as a learning laboratory where students connect classroom learning with field experiences. Whether they are studying the sustainability of Times Square in a City Seminar class or observing the workplace in an Ethnographies of Work class, the unique first-year program provides a  college experience like none other.

One of Guttman's primary objectives is to increase the number of students, especially those not effectively served in higher education, who complete their programs of study and attain a degree in a timely manner. Community is at Guttman's heart, with the school fostering an environment of cooperation and collaboration as students explore compelling urban issues and move into the wider community through experiential learning and internships, becoming engaged citizens and responsible leaders.

Guttman offers students the opportunity to cultivate the knowledge and experience required to meet intellectual, creative and professional goals. Guttman supports students  in their development inside and outside of the classroom, giving them the space to express their ideas effectively and know that their voices are valued.