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Story Publication logo February 8, 2012

WLRN/Miami News Herald Features Voices of Haiti


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Last January's earthquake destroyed Haiti's health care system, once at the forefront of the...

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In "Voices of Haiti," performers celebrate the lives, stories and survival of the Haitian people after the devastating 2010 earthquake. WLRN-Miami Herald News reporter Patricia Sagastume spoke with poet Kwame Dawes about one of his compositions, the love story of a couple living with AIDS. Composer Kevin Simmonds also explains why he chose a specific instrument to go with the messages in the poetry.

The report was featured in WLNR-Miami Herald News and can also be heard with the video for Dawes' poem "Storm" at WLRN Conversations.

The Pulitzer Center presented the multimedia exploration of Haiti in partnership with the University of Miami School of Communication for an audience of more than 100 students, faculty, and members of the community.

"Voices of Haiti" was performed in Haiti on Feb. 4, and in Miami Feb. 6. To learn more about the stories and reporting that inspired the performance, please visit Voices From Haiti and After the Quake: HIV/AIDS in Haiti.



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