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Story Publication logo April 9, 2010

"Voices From Abyei, Sudan"


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An internationally brokered peace treaty in 2005 ended decades of civil war between the Arab...

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The village of Abyei had a population of about 30,000 when, in May 2008, violence broke out between government forces from the north and soldiers from the south, leveling the town and forcing the residents to flee to surrounding areas.

In the months since, the residents have been gradually moving back and rebuilding their lives. We spoke with some of the villagers and recorded their thoughts in the following Flipcam videos.

Maleek Biam, a 30-year-old Department of Social Welfare worker, describes the security problems in Abyei, which have lingered even after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the north and the south in 2005. He says he hopes the two main political parties -- the National Congress Party in the north and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement, or SPLM, in the south -- can come together and work out a solution, not only to the security problems but ensuring workers get the salaries they are due as well...


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