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Story Publication logo August 3, 2021

A Trailer for 'To the Plate'

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To the Plate

Moonlynn Tsai has found a way to keep her business alive while serving her community.

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To the Plate is a short documentary that tells the story of two resilient, passionate, queer women of color who, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, found a way to keep their business alive and serve their community.

Moonlynn Tsai and her partner, Yin Chang, started an initiative called Heart of Dinner after hearing Asian elders were being targeted for hate crimes and struggling with food insecurity. They started small, but gradually made a network of restaurant partners and volunteers who cooked, prepared, and delivered hot meals and care packages for Asian senior citizens every week. Every Wednesday since April 2020, they've delivered thousands of hot meals and care packages to senior citizens whose pantries were emptying. Attached to each paper bag is a letter saying, "We are thinking of you and we love you" in Chinese.

Through Heart of Dinner's work, To the Plate shows the community’s response to the global pandemic and the xenophobia it revealed in society at large. The film will follow this project’s goal of reaching 20,000 meals by August 2020. At its core, this film is about the Asian-American community in New York and the way it takes care of each other, especially its elders. 


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