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Story Publication logo September 3, 2012

Russia's Nuclear Salesmanship


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As a global debate rages over nuclear power's future as a safe and clean energy source, Russia is...

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One of two nuclear reactors currently under construction in Novovorenezh, Russia. These will be shown as “reference” plants for other countries seeking to buy reactors from Russia. Image by James Hill. Russia, 2012.

Russia's state controlled nuclear corporation, Rosatom, is aggressively pursuing reactor deals in countries as varied as Vietnam, Turkey, and Belarus. This is happening as a Kremlin-backed nuclear expansion plan is already underway at home, with nine reactors currently under construction inside Russia. Some have raised alarm bells about the spread of new reactors worldwide: Climate change could lead to unexpected weather events that could threaten these new reactors, and countries embracing nuclear power for the first time might not have the policies in place to guarantee safety. Others are excited: The carbon footprint of nuclear energy is minimal, and solutions to a looming fossil fuel crisis are needed.



Nuclear Threats


Nuclear Threats

Nuclear Threats

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