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Story Publication logo May 5, 2016

Reporting on Syrian Refugees in Canada


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Most countries fostering an influx of Syrian refugees are seeing a backlash. Canada is riding a wave...


Amir Al Jabouli and Raghda Altellawi had just arrived in Toronto with their two daughters, Ghena, 6, and Nagham, 5. Canadian sisters Ashley and Mallory Hilkewich, and Ashley's husband, Ali Khan, had organized a private sponsorship group to support them for one year. Since the Syrian war began, Amir and Raghda and their children had survived siege, bombardment, Amir's kidnapping and imprisonment, and exile in Lebanon. They didn't know they were being privately sponsored until they arrived in the Toronto airport. "It restored my faith in humanity," Raghda said.


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Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees

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