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Story Publication logo December 22, 2022

Radio: The Restoration of Sites Poses Problems (French)

miner in africa

Gold mining in Kellé in West Cuvette causes an ecological disaster in the locality: populations and...


The Kellé district, a part of the Kellé-Mbomo Forest Management Unit (FMU) Kellé-Mbomo located in the in the Cuvette-Ouest region, 700 km from Brazzaville, in northern Congo, is undergoing intense semi-industrial exploitation of alluvial gold deforestation and the disappearance of 150 streams.

An environmental destruction attributed in 2019 to the Chinese company Agil Congo which had then committed to rehabilitate the destroyed sites. But three years later, local residents and NGOs claim that nothing has been done, while the operator and the government assure the contrary.

Station: Radio Trans Equatoriale
Language: French
Country: Republic of Congo-Brazzaville
RJF Rainforest Reporters: Blanche Simona


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