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Story Publication logo January 31, 2017

Podcast: On Peace in Afghanistan


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The task of making peace in Afghanistan seem to have fallen on the shoulders of unlikely men. This...

Scouts pull overwatch in Kunar Province. Image by Staff Sgt. Brandon Aird, courtesy of Wikicommons. Afghanistan, 2006.

"Imperial wars are by design waged to benefit one country over the other - in the case of Afghanistan, 70% of the country's GDP comes from foreign aid, this creates a curious power dynamic whereby the state answers first not to the Afghan people, but to the funders who keep them in business. In this sense you could call Afghanistan a kind of rentier state, even."

From Kabul, journalist May Jeong reports on the internal and geopolitics of the Afghan peace process - from the progressing talks between the Taliban and Afghan government, to the West's disasterous economic and military occupation of the nation - and explains why President Trump's (professed) isolationism has some Afghans optimistic about the prospects for an end to the 16 year war.

May wrote the article The Patient War: What awaits Trump in Afghanistan in the February issue of Harper's.


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Conflict and Peace Building

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