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Story Publication logo October 14, 2016

Podcast with Daniella Zalcman: "Kill the Indian, Save the Man"


MIKE PINAY, Qu’Appelle Indian Residential School (1953-1963).“It was the worst 10 years of my life. I was away from my family from the age of six to 16. How do you learn about family? I didn’t know what love was. We weren’t even known by names back then. I was a number.” Image by Daniella Zalcman. Canada, 2015.

For more than a century, many Western governments operated a network of Indian Residential Schools...

Sharon Henio-Yazzie
Sharon Henio-Yazzie (pictured with an abandoned school in Ramah) was one of roughly 40,000 children from 60 tribes placed in Mormon homes between 1947 and 2000. Image by Daniella Zalcman. USA, 2016.

For more than 100 years, Canada's Indian Residential Schools separated indigenous children from their families in an effort to eradicate their culture and language. On this week's episode of World Policy On Air, documentary photographer Daniella Zalcman explores the painful history and legacy of these schools and similar institutions across the globe.


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Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees

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