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Story Publication logo November 9, 2023

Podcast: The Climate Divide

Washington, DC / USA - July 8, 2019: Torrential rain flooded parts of Washington, DC, stranding cars and causing havoc with traffic.

Streets in Washington, D.C.'s poorest wards flood regularly, taking a toll on residents.

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"The Climate Divide" Season 2: Striving Towards Environmental Justice Trailer

This new season of “The Climate Divide” will focus on how D.C. is faring in the face of climate change. We’ll highlight stories of residents coping with various environmental hazards that are disproportionately located in low income neighborhoods and decipher the real-world impact of big construction projects and government funding. New episodes coming November 9th.

Episode 1: Heat, Storms and Smoke: Climate Change's Impact on Washington D.C.

In the first episode of season 2, we'll see how climate change may already be affecting D.C. and cover a recently completed tunnel project that is expected to address more intense rain storms. We’ll also set out to explain a climate anomaly that occurred over the summer: smoke from Canadian wildfires that came all the way to the District.

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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change

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