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Story Publication logo April 5, 2024

Mining Plans Are Hindering Lesotho's Governors From Protecting the Nation (Sesotho)



This project reflects an investigation into the allegations surrounding Lesotho Prime Minister...


Maloraneng Chief Lentsoete Mohai during the September 2022 community dialogue addressing water pollution in Maloraneng, located in Mokhotlong district, Lesotho. Image by Fredrick Mugira.

An English summary of this report is below. The original report, published in Sesotho in Uncensored News, follows.

In this podcast, Advocate Borenahabokhethe Sekonyela cautions that prosecuting water-polluting mines in Lesotho is challenging due to the alleged benefits derived from diamond sales by the ruling authorities of Lesotho.

Meanwhile, Lesotho Finance and Development Planning Minister, Dr Retšelisitsoe Matlanyane, says government will strengthen the enforcement of existing regulations related to littering, illegal dumping and pollution to deter such activities.

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Meropotso ea Merafong e Sitisa Babusi ba Lesotho ho Sireletsa Sechaba

Liphuputso tsena li entsoe ka thuso ho tsoa ho Pulitzer Centre.

Morena oa Maloraneng, Lentsoete Mohai, o re le hoja metsi a phallang nokaneng ea habo ea Maloraneng a bonahala a hloekile matsatsing ana, ho thata ho lumela hore morafo oa Letšeng o ke se hlole o silafatsa metsi a nokana ena.

Mohai o re pelaelo ena ea hae e bakoa ke litaba tse fetileng, moo morafo o sitiloeng ho boloka boitlamo ba ona ba hore o ka se hlole o silafatsa metsi.

Ho sa le joalo, akhente Borenahabokhethe Sekonyela o re ha ho bonolo ho babusi ba Lesotho, ho ka nka likhato khahlanong le morafo oa Letšeng, ka lebaka la meropotso eo babusi ba e fumanang ho tsoa merafong.

Ho ikutloela litaba tsena li felletse, imamelle khatiso ea litaba ka ho penya konopo e ka tlase.


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