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Story Publication logo July 25, 2013

Mexico: After the Fish Are Gone


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The first people to see it called it the "Vermillion Sea." Jacques Cousteau called it "the world's...

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Media file: seaofcortez-1.jpg
Image by Dominic Bracco II. Mexico, 2013.

Along with their work on the story "Emptying the World's Aquarium: The Dismal Future of the Global Fishery," which appears in the August 2013 issue of Harper's Magazine, photographer Dominic Bracco II and writer Erik Vance produced a short documentary, "After the Fish Are Gone." The film features an interview with a man named Piolin, who began fishing as a teenager in the small Mexican town of Kino, on the Sea of Cortez, and who details changes in recent years to his way of life.



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Environment and Climate Change

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