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Story Publication logo November 1, 2023

Making Connections in Kunene


In Namibia’s Kunene Region, livestock farmers are struggling to adapt to the arid conditions brought on by recurring droughts. Sesfontein Constituency, pictured here, is one of the targets of a government-led program whose goal is to assist farmers by distributing goats and rehabilitating a community garden. Mandile Mpofu.

Over the last decade, Namibia's Kunene Region has been experiencing recurrent droughts. Livestock...


A patch of wheat sways in the wind on a hot August afternoon in Kunene. Image by Mandile Mpofu. Namibia, 2023.

Audio by Mandile Mpofu. Namibia, 2023.

In this audio reflection, Reporting Fellow Mandile Mpofu recounts the most joyful and most challenging moments of her reporting in Kunene, Namibia.


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Environment and Climate Change

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