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Story Publication logo August 21, 2015

The Life and Death of Miguel Angel Jiménez, Organizer in Guerrero, Mexico


On July 24, 2015 students in Guadalajara program during a week-long event called CampusParty aimed at improving technology expertise. Image by Kara Andrade. Mexico, 2015.

Kara Andrade travels to Mexico to investigate the use of information and communication technologies...

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Image by Kara Andrade. Mexico, 2015. UPOEG community leader and political activist Miguel Angel Jiménez Blanco spoke to voters’ in small towns – San Marcos, Límon, Ayutla, Tecoanapa – in order to collect testimonies of alleged vote-buying and coercion in San Marcos, Guerrero in June 2015.

Miguel Angel Jiménez Blanco was a community leader and political activist in Guerrero whose preferred weapons for community organizing were the Internet and his mobile phone. Powerful criminal elements wanted him dead. When he disappeared on Saturday, August 8, 2015 few were surprised.

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