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Land Grabbing (French)


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The coveted forest has been destroyed by foreigners, impacting communities.

Video by EnviroNews RDC. Congo (DRC), 2024.

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Due to the lack of a clearly established land-use plan since the colonial era, multinational companies are taking over community lands, in exchange of a few gifts given to their ancestors before 1960.

This is the case of the JVL company, purchased by the Damseaux group, now known as SOGENAC, which occupies the land of approximately 108 villages in the chiefdom of Kolofuma, in central Kongo province in DRC.

Unhappy, these villagers are claiming their land for lack of farmland. They are cultivating in the company's compound, but its animals are ravaging them without compensation.

Even using the woods to build their homes or catch fish becomes a nightmare, as their forests, rivers and even cemeteries remain on the JVL side. When they claim them, they are beaten up and thrown into prison.

According to JVL/Kolofuma company, they are dealing with the villages' issues step by step, while the Kinshasa company claims to be in good standing with the government.


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