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Story The China Africa Project December 3, 2018

Ismail Einashe Interviewed on China Africa Project Podcast

Map of Djibouti. Image by Shutterstock.

Africa has become the new locus of great power conflict in the 21st century. But this new proxy...

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Image courtesy of The China Africa Project.
Image courtesy of The China Africa Project.

London-based independent journalist Ismail Einashe joins Eric & Cobus to talk about his latest reporting trip to Africa where he wrote about China's deteriorating standing in several African countries, most notably Kenya and Zambia.

Ismail has covered the China-Africa relationship for a number of years, reporting for news organizations in the U.S., the Middle East, and Europe, and has noticed that in recent months there's been a discernible shift in how many African stakeholders view ties with China.

Some of Ismail's previous China-Africa reporting includes:

South China Morning PostHow Mandarin is conquering Africa via Confucius Institutes and giving China a soft-power advantage

NPR: Trump's Insults Will Nudge African Nations Closer To China


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