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Story Publication logo June 29, 2018

Insights on Storytelling, War, and Waste


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About a third of all the food we produce goes to waste. What we thoughtlessly leave to rot in fields...

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Landfill workers look onto mountains of garbage. About 360 tons of waste are collected at this landfill every day. The landfill operator has managed to turn garbage into a profitable business by harvesting methane from waste. It is then turned into electricity and sold to local power plants. The landfill is completely food waste free. Image by Karim Chrobog. South Korea, 2014.

C. Karim Chrobog is an award winning documentary filmmaker. His debut film War Child chronicles the life story of Emmanuel Jal, a former South Sudanese child soldier turned international hiphop star. War Child premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2008, and is the winner of over a dozen international film festival awards including the Tribeca Audience Choice Award, the Crystal Heart Award and the ABC News Source Video Awards. Over the last decade, Karim has directed and produced documentaries and news pieces across the globe on a diverse set of issues. This year, he produced Her Aim is True, a feature documentary on Jini Dellaccio, the first female rock-and-roll photographer. For Al Jazeera America, Karim produced The Other America, a series on poverty in America, and for the Mental Health Channel, Karim completed a two-part documentary on mental health in the US. In his last work, Wasted, Karim explores global food waste.







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