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Story Publication logo April 17, 2015

An Indian Rice Harvest: A Story From the 1,000 Days


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The story of 1,000 days–the vital period from the beginning of a woman's pregnancy to her child's...

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Image by Anne Thurow. India, 2015.

The rhythm of the harvest seasons is a critical part of the 1,000 days, particularly for women and infants in rural areas.

Rice is a valuable staple crop around the world, especially in India. During the Indian rice harvest season, men, women, and children all contribute to the labor-intensive process.

Although the harvest is arduous, this rice will serve as a crucial supply of nutrition for women and children in India during the 1,000 days period from the beginning of pregnancy through the first two years of life. Once harvested, the rice will both serve to nourish families and provide them with an important source of income.



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