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'I Am The Land'

Daniel Silva

The Indigenous Boriken Taíno Peoples of Puerto Rico are fighting to save their ancestral homeland...


I Am The Land explores the intersections of modern science, environmental activism, and Taíno Indigenous spiritual knowledge in the pursuit of climate justice on the island of Puerto Rico (Borikén).

Director's note: I am thrilled to present I Am The Land, a short documentary film that is two plus years in the making. I embarked on this creative process in early 2020 and stuck with it through the hardest moments of the pandemic. I traveled to Puerto Rico to report last year, where I spent three months living, learning, and filming. I am now looking back on the professional and personal growth I experienced as I release this piece—remembering tears as clearly as triumph; the weight I felt as viscerally as the wonder. I’m ready to share this work in hopes that the stories of the people I connected with and the unforgettable moments I was a part of will touch you as they touched me. Thank you to the Pulitzer Center team for supporting me through this. Above all, I am eternally grateful to those who trusted me with their stories and gave me their blessing to share them with you!


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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change
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Indigenous Rights

Indigenous Rights

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