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Story Publication logo October 16, 2020

Freezing Cold War: Militaries Move in as Arctic Ice Retreats – Photo Essay

Canadian soldiers on the ice Sheet near Little Cornwallis Island during a military operation in -57 C weather in Nunavut Canada. Image by Louie Palu. Canada, 2017.


New Cold War

An examination of the ongoing geopolitical transformation of the Arctic along the old Cold War...


The U.K., the United States, and Canada have been among the countries ramping up their Arctic military exercises, and for the past five years, photographer and film-maker Louie Palu has been taking pictures of soldiers confronting an environment as hostile and deadly as any enemy force. He has photographed a parachute drop into mountainous terrain in Alaska, "through-the-ice" training in a lake in the Northwest Territories, a submarine coming up from under the ice in the Beaufort Sea, and igloo-building and radar operations in Nunavut. He saw soldiers suffer frostbite and, during exercises in Finland, even be killed in a vehicle accident, he said.

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