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Story Publication logo October 2, 2023

Every Minute Counts: Heart Attacks in Venezuela


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This is Prodavinci’s in-depth coverage relating to the myth of public and free health care in...

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In Venezuela's public hospitals, modern medical standards are not upheld. When it comes to myocardial infarctions, there is a lack of capacity to provide the most effective procedures, pharmacological therapy is administered untimely, and specific medications are in short supply. Even when treatments are available, they may be expired. The time required for medication-based treatment is double the recommended standard. Furthermore, this treatment is unevenly distributed, with significant variations among different states in the country.

The management of myocardial infarctions is a crucial indicator for assessing the performance and quality of healthcare systems. Time plays a critical role in determining the probability of survival. When modern care standards are met, it is possible to reduce mortality from heart attacks—the leading cause of cardiovascular deaths—by more than 50%. The deficiencies and inadequacies in Venezuela's healthcare system result in preventable deaths and disabilities.

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Click the image below to view the full story, "Cuando cada minuto cuenta: Infartos en Venezuela," written in Spanish and published by Prodavinci.


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