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Story Publication logo June 13, 2022

'The Daily Buzz': Can Utah Teens Learn Sex Education on Their Own?

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'The Talk'

The short film "The Talk" shows why comprehensive and inclusive sex ed can be so consequential.

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In this episode in "The Daily Buzz" podcast, we hear five minutes of the documentary The Talk, which follows a group of teens from Price who started the Eastern Utah Teen Council to fill in the gaps when it comes to sex education.

The documentary was funded by the Pulitzer Center and co-published by The Salt Lake Tribune and Scientific American. Tribune reporter Becky Jacobs wrote a story about the Eastern Utah Teen Council.

And, to cap us off, I talk about a story I published on local journalist turned author Melissa Bond, where we discuss her new book “Blood Orange Night.”

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Hear all of these stories in the Monday, June 13, episode of "The Daily Buzz" podcast. You can listen to both this episode and past episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud.


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