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Story Publication logo August 25, 2022

A Conversation with Sally-Anne Cooney, the Director of Boann Distillery



Through the process of anaerobic digestion, organic waste is converted into renewable energy. Irish...

Sally-Anne Cooney
Sally-Anne Cooney is the director of the Boann Distillery in County Meath, Ireland. Image by Niamh McAuliffe. Ireland, 2022.

In my reporting, I spoke to many experts who helped me dive deeper into the role anaerobic digestion plays in the drinks industry in Ireland. One distiller in particular stood out: Sally-Anne Cooney, the director of the Boann Distillery. I wanted to share a portion of our conversation about why her family-owned distillery has been sending their waste to anaerobic digestion since opening their doors back in 2019.

This conversation has been edited for time and clarity.


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